Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Browser Snarkiness

It's only snobby if it's not accurate, right?

(found low-quality on internet and re-made it into this one 6/12/13)

On my laptop, I use Chrome and my wife uses Firefox--that's just the way we separate our personalities on the computer, so my email and her email can both be open simultaneously.  Our kids, when they use the laptop, use Safari so they don't mess up mom and dad.

There's nobody in the house that we dislike so much that we make them use Internet Explorer.  True.


  1. I take it your family doesn't SharePoint much right!

  2. True word, Aaron. There have been several times where I needed to dig out IE in order to upload a file to a server, but that hasn't happened for a couple of years. But I do know there are some applications that are only friendly to IE.


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