Saturday, February 2, 2013

Capturing Videos

You do NOT want to stream videos in education.  Why?

  • ads
  • internet outages
  • suggested (suggestive?) "next video"
  • ads
  • choppy video quality
  • video moves between the teaching of a unit one year and the teaching of the same unit the following year.
  • ads
  • if you want to edit the video or compile several into one, you need it local.
What's your favorite method for capturing videos down to your hard drive?

My current favorite is a Firefox Extension called Video Downloadhelper.

I can go to pretty much any streaming video site and find that the gray spheres next to my address bar have begun to rotate on themselves.  I click on the down arrow next to the spheres and choose the .MP4 file (I usually choose the "medium" quality one) and voila! --it is downloaded into my Downloads folder.

It's just a couple of clicks.  It's easy.  

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