Sunday, July 8, 2012

Publishing to PDF

I'm creating worksheets for an upcoming conference, and since I usually use the website for our working area, the worksheets are nothing more than screenshots of the first page of the session webpage.  On a Mac, it's easy to print to PDF, however each browser prints the page a little differently.  They're trying to be helpful, but the graphics and text are always messed up to some degree. On a PC, there's no easy way to print directly to PDF without installation of other software.

But I found and I really like it.  It makes a great PDF representation of my webpage and I can download the PDF super easy.  For free.  Like!

Embedded objects like videos leave a hole no matter what you're using to print, so I take a screenshot of the embedded video with the built-in Windows 7 Snipping Tool and temporarily replace the video with the picture.  Then I revert changes later.  Good times.

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