Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Challenging a Fallacy: "e-learning isn't for everyone"

Part of my recent thinking centers on the phrase "e-learning isn't for everyone."  Remember that my experience and focus is secondary, middle and high school, but here me when I say that that phrase is becoming less and less true.

It's easy to say, and it's true that e-learning does tend to return initiative back into the hands of learners who have become comfortable responding to teachers who control the daily initiative*.  So on that score we sometimes see kids flounder when they can't handle the new initiative.  BUT, more and more we're going to see states requiring what Idaho already requires: that graduating seniors have taken a minimum of two of their classes in an online environment.  Oklahoma is considering similar legislation.  So . . . the fact is that e-learning IS for everyone, at least in Idaho.

*Note to self: I need to write a separate post about how e-learning puts initiative into the hands of students.

What other states are moving in this direction?  Help, please--I'd love to expand my knowledge in this arena.

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  1. In Montana it is an available option but not a requirement. Our digital academy is located at:


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