Saturday, February 11, 2012

Learning Points from TCEA 12

Life looks inviting there . . . I think I'll go for my spring semester and finally give Edmodo a try.  One class this spring will be a blended distance/F2F class and the other will be a more traditional class.  I'll go with Edmodo on both and see how we fare.

Moodle 2.x Rubric Grading
What?  Dynamic rubrics?  Awesome. 

Puffin Browser
Flash on an iPad.

Shazam App
What's that song?  App that listens to music, identifies it, and offers it for sale.  Slick.

Fill-in-the-blank quizzes done with Google Forms and Spreadsheets.  To install, choose Insert | Script | Education | Flubaroo  

AMAZING edugames (and Brainpop now has free edugames, too).

Atlantis Remixed
I need to go see what Quest Atlantis has done now that it's no longer a University of Indiana study.

Google Hangouts with Extras

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