Thursday, April 14, 2011

Classroom IGNITE: 3-Minute Slideshows

My students were told to make 3 minute speeches with slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, and the first thing they did was to come down with a bad case of powerpointitus. Bullet points down the left with a token picture on the right of each slide--it was clear they intended to read their speech from their slideshow.

I had no intention of suffering death by powerpoint, but I didn't say anything to address the problem.  Instead I showed them several episodes of IGNITE speeches that I had in my iTunes.  [To subscribe to Ignite speeches, you go into iTunes, choose "store" on the left hand side, and search "ignite podcast."]  Miraculously, the next time we went down to the lab, they ALL deleted their silly bullet points and started making much nicer presentations. 

The power of a good example:
(I showed them Cheesemakers, Boiling water in 5 easy steps, and Cup noodles, among others.)

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