Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Blogpost a Day . . .

I'm an occasional blogger at best.  Normally I just blog when I see something extraordinary, or if I'm at a conference and taking notes in my blog, or if I want to create a resource to point my teachers back to when they ask "How do I capture video again?"

But I was hearing Jeff Utecht speak about a blog he helped a teacher set up and the class system intrigued me.  Each student is assigned a day of the month in which he/she will post to the class's blog: one blogpost a month, every month on a certain day.  There are criteria, I'm sure, but it looks like students have a great deal of freedom in choosing their topic.  The student comes to class the next day, stands before his peers, and asks "Any questions/comments about my post?"

It's fascinating. The audience has grown very, very large as teachers and students throughout the world are clicking to see what the class is up to now.  Go take a look: http://blogs.saschina.org/pudongtok/

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