Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Laptop in the Family

When Setting up a Windows Computer

This is current for me, as I just bought a shiny new computer from Best Buy . . . when you buy a new Windows system, what do you do and install right off the bat?

I can think of
  • Firefox (and extensions--I'll list those below)
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Java/Flash/Shockwave
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • iTunes + Quicktime
  • CoolTimer
  • MW Snap (screencapture)
  • Antiviru
  • GomPlayer
  • MagicDisk (if you have kids' software that is CD-dependent)
  • Picasa
  • Zoomit
  • Skype
  • Photostory
  • eSword Bible software
  • Scratch and Alice (if you have middle/high school kids who want to program)
  • Handbrake (ripping DVDs to MP4)
  • PDF995 (to make pdfs or docs into jpgs for printing at Costco)

Firefox Extensions
  • Video DownloadHelper
  • Pixlr Grabber
  • Diigo

To Do List

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google Apps Blogs

Three things:

1) The Google Apps blog sends news flashes to my mail inbox.  I know that I should be moving away from email and checking RSS feeds for such news, but the fact is that I'll take 30 seconds to scan an email but will neglect my RSS feeds.  I am LOVING it.  Sign up with Feedburner HERE.

2) I saw the "Make your own search story" tool and thought it would be particularly applicable to having students demonstrate learning or as an intro to a lesson.

3)  This is cute.  Search "Brother and Sister Google"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Classroom IGNITE: 3-Minute Slideshows

My students were told to make 3 minute speeches with slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, and the first thing they did was to come down with a bad case of powerpointitus. Bullet points down the left with a token picture on the right of each slide--it was clear they intended to read their speech from their slideshow.

I had no intention of suffering death by powerpoint, but I didn't say anything to address the problem.  Instead I showed them several episodes of IGNITE speeches that I had in my iTunes.  [To subscribe to Ignite speeches, you go into iTunes, choose "store" on the left hand side, and search "ignite podcast."]  Miraculously, the next time we went down to the lab, they ALL deleted their silly bullet points and started making much nicer presentations. 

The power of a good example:
(I showed them Cheesemakers, Boiling water in 5 easy steps, and Cup noodles, among others.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Blogpost a Day . . .

I'm an occasional blogger at best.  Normally I just blog when I see something extraordinary, or if I'm at a conference and taking notes in my blog, or if I want to create a resource to point my teachers back to when they ask "How do I capture video again?"

But I was hearing Jeff Utecht speak about a blog he helped a teacher set up and the class system intrigued me.  Each student is assigned a day of the month in which he/she will post to the class's blog: one blogpost a month, every month on a certain day.  There are criteria, I'm sure, but it looks like students have a great deal of freedom in choosing their topic.  The student comes to class the next day, stands before his peers, and asks "Any questions/comments about my post?"

It's fascinating. The audience has grown very, very large as teachers and students throughout the world are clicking to see what the class is up to now.  Go take a look:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tech Learning Blog

My Favourite Web Tools of 2010 by Ozge Karaoglu

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 Here are my favourite web tools from 2010:
ImaginationCubed is a multi user drawing tool. You can use a pen, stamp,shapes, line or you can type. You can also change the color of the background. I loved this one, it’s cool!
WeToku is an interview tool that automatically records it to play it back. You can embed it and share it with others.
WikiDot is wiki builder to share content, documents and collaborate with your students, colleagues, friends. You can create pages, forums,separate wikis for groups or students, discuss topics, upload files, documents,notes, images and share them with others.
You can send video mails with EyeJot. You don’t need to download any software. You only get into your account, record and upload your video and send it. It’s that easy!
You can paste a text to JustPasteit and you can get a link to share it with others. You can also upload pictures, save your document as a PDF file.
LinkBlip lets you monitor when the links you’ve sent to others has been clicked. You get a special URL and send it to other. When someone clicks the URL, you’re notified with an email with the time the link was clicked as well as the city which they were in.
GoodWidgets is a way to create photo widgets for your blog or websites. It has different displays of photos. You can check the gallery here. This is sure to be my favourite photo presentation widget!
I can only say WOW for EarthTunnel! This is the most creative picture sharing site I’ve ever seen on web. You’re in a dark tunnel with pictures around you and you use your keyboard to move in the tunnel. What a great idea!!!
BusinessCard2 is an online service to create professional network and exchange business cards on web. You can add videos, slide shows, files,external links, your websites, social sites and you can let other people to leave messages and it’s embeddable of course.
MadeupMemories lets you customize videos by putting your personal pictures. You can choose to be a princess, a toy, a superhero! Just choose your video, upload your picture and publish it. You can also download it to your computer and keep it on your desktop forever!
Stiqr is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen. The things you can do with it just is limitless. This tool lets you to create and design your website with sticking pictures. You don’t have to upload or download anything. The only thing you need to do is to embed the code to your website. Let’s give this tool a try!
AcapelaTV is a text-to-speech site where you can use this feature to make the characters talk. You can make different language selections.
Packtari is a bookmarking service that bookmarks your tweets that contains URL for your delicious account. You can choose the options to bookmark your favourites or @ replies.
Prezi is a unique way to create presentations without any slides but zooming sketches on a blank canvas. You can create your own group, collaborate on ideas and create your prezi presentation together. You realize that powerpoint is dead after using this tool, rest is your imagination.If you like it, you should also check Ahead which is a similar tool.
StoryBird allows you to create their own stories from scratch using their own text and pictures. It’s also collaborating so you can start a story at home and you can finish it when you come back to school.
PhotoPeach is a quick way to create slideshows using pictures and music. It also lets you create quizzes on your slideshow.
With QuizCentre, you can create, administer and grade quizzes online. It also provides instant feedback.
QuizMaker lets you create multiple choice quizzes. You can add pictures or links to your quizzes. When you finish, you simply cut and paste it to your web page.
Vozme lets you turn your text into speech. You can choose a male or a female voice and you create mp3 files and listen to them anywhere you are.
Kakomessenger is a fun text to-speech application. It’s a singing telegram machine that will sing your text. You choose between two singers, Gina and Humphrey, write your text and let the singers sing them for you.
CiteBite is a tool where you can get a link directly to specific quotes in web pages.You simply paste a chunk of text and the URL of the page and get a link that opens directly to your selection by highlighting it.
Bot Morpheus is a bot that can write and speak at the same time. The answers are logical, it also asks questions and analyze your answers.
Clue is a fun and an interesting way to test people (or you) about what they remember on your site. You just enter the link of the site that you want to test, share the test with people via Twitter, Facebook or other social networking services. People who take the test , look at the web page for a few seconds and write what they remember.
Stay tuned for the new coming year.

Posted by Tech Learning Blog Staff at 12/29/2010 01:43:46 AM