Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here's an idea for mounting the Wii on your wall. I went to Home Depot and bought $12 of plumbing materials and used a can of tan spray paint I had at home. The result is a setup that won't attract lots of attention and will fix the wiimote in place. I won't glue the parts together, by the way, so things can be repositioned later.

The parts I bought are all 2" black pipe (the kind they use for waste-water in households). I put part numbers for Home Depot in case that's helpful.

811000011022 2ft ABS (which I cut down to 8")


ABS EL (One of the ELs is a 45 degree corner, and the other is 22.5 degrees. With these two ELs, you can rotate them to make the right degree for your classroom.)

ABS Drain (I took off the metal piece and used this to attach the setup to the wall.)

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