Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ITSC Tuesday Afternoon (Wes Fryer)

Powerful Ingredients for Digitally Interactive Learning

"I'm here for the learning revolution."

Applications can go into the Finder window as quick links.

TEXAS: Local autonomy for textbook purchasing--change the law from "textbook" to instructional materials . . . then you can buy netbooks with textbook money.

Diffusion of Innovation (Everett Rogers) Curve of Adoption of new technologies.
"You're not a laggard. You're here at this session."

Here Comes Everybody--Clay Shirkey
Growing up Digital--Don Tapscott (get a newer book)
Element--Ken Robinson
Shaking up the SchoolHouse--Schlechty

Back channel chatting and collaboration via Chatzy.

Facebook "facet of profile" so that students can be in partial relationship "list public."

NO ONE is preparing kids for the unfiltered web. --Scott McCleod.

Compfight searches flickr and can be limited to creative commons.

Proceedural vs. Navigational Learning

Don't print handouts for kids--you're wasting paper.
Meet the learners where they are. You must supply paper handouts for fearful learners.
We tend to teach the way we were taught.

Nokia Ad--4th Screen
Texas Abilene Christian University "Connected"

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