Monday, February 16, 2009

ITSC Monday Afternoon (Wes Fryer)


copyright comes into existence the moment it's written on the cocktail napkin--not just spoken, it has to be a static form.

Obama Hope Poster
Shepard Fairey artist took a Google image and altered it (and avoided a lawsuit how?)

We need to be able to give advice to our colleagues!

Compfight --looks for creative commons images in flickr

There is a myth . . . the 10% myth. 1986 Fair Use Guidelines what lawyers call "bright line rules"

Fair Use

We need to know this topic, especially in an age of remixing and video/audio creation.

H omegrown
C reative Commons
F air Use

Then, after talking about copyright, get to fair use.

Derivitive, Transformative
In many cases, educators have not fully used their rights under Fair Use.

Copyright's for the People video. Temple University: whats-copyright, user-rights
Don't copy that floppy.

TED Talks remixing Larry Lessig

Creative Commons Get Creative Video
Building on the Past

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