Monday, February 16, 2009

ITSC Monday Afternoon (Kelly Beaudry)

Tech Enriched Classroom

"If you didn't find a partner, make a triad." That sounds SO much better than Ménage à trois!

(Too often I find myself hoping that they won't go there when I say "Create a threesome" or "Create a threeway." Triad is so much better!)

Quadrant Page activity to start, so that participants can return to a SAFE HARBOR person.

Having a starting Quadrant Page activity is good so that people make an initial connection and know immediately who they need to connect with when it comes to do that. Very efficient, but it also creates a "safety" because you can come back to that "winter" partner several times and your "summer" partner several other times.

"Let's get ready to do some reflection . . ."

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