Sunday, February 15, 2009

ITSC 2009 Sunday Afternoon

Microsoft Apps in Education

Photosynth--seems to require Silverlight to be installed (what is Silverlight?)

Kodu--Video Game creation software (still in beta?)

Live@edu VIDEO

SkyDrive--store files, permissions by folder, send direct notification link via email

OfficeLive--share documents


Live Mesh (installed application per unit)
  • Sync docs on your PC or Mac or Phone (change one and the others change)
  • Remote desktop
Windows Live Photo Gallery--Similar to Picassa

Career Forward cFWD

Office Labs (community clips screencasting from MS Office, pptPLEX)

ICE --composite image editor

IM with Windows Messenger with real-time translation tool.

Steady State--What does this do?

Worldwide Telescope

APPLE (iPod Touch, Podcasting, etc) (research and resources for setting up a charter school in 21st Century Style)

GarageBand--creating a podcast with screenshots and prerecorded voice

KQED Podcasts and Vodcasts in the area of Science a presence, share ideas--submit an Apple Distinguished Educator application


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