Friday, September 5, 2008

Student-Made Doc of Blog Requirements (spring 2008)

(the neato part about this list is that the kids created the list in a Google Doc, and then I published it directly from GDocs into a blogpost)

things that should be on our blogs:
  • Link to the teacher and to others
  • stuff on our computer (applications)
  • picture of yourself*
  • computer shopping (uncle albert or eduwise)
  • graph from Excel (picture and link to the file on MediaFire)
  • toondoo embedded (flowers for V Day)
  • video on teacher tube (embed any video)
  • robot picture
  • animoto embedded
  • soda can label (picture and link to the file on MediaFire)
  • mind map (short story: plot, characters, setting, mood/theme)
  • conference trip maps
  • magnifying glass (picture of Mag Glass over text)
  • tumblr 5 posts on tumblr (sport or hobby--embed a video)
  • post this document to your blog!