Thursday, January 31, 2008

Storing Student Work Online

I'm the guilty one. I assigned a big slideshow project and only checked out the computer lab for FOUR WEEKS. What I forgot to factor in was that my middle schoolers really don't know how to cite their sources, so that had to be taught, there were a bunch of assemblies, and students were absent at times. Point is, not everyone finished, and I had to return the laptops!

Now what?

Kids still have to turn in the project, and they want to work on it on school computers AND AT HOME. So they need an online storage option . . . preferably one that does not require a valid email address. If I had been expecting this problem, I would have had them build the slideshows within Google's Presentations; then no problem would have arisen. But I didn't and they didn't.

So here is an option for storing student work online:

Students can login with an email address and password, but since it doesn't verify the email they can use whatever "email" they like as long as they remember it later.

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