Friday, December 7, 2007

New Student Blogs

I just spent an hour or so setting up 18 new blogs for my student groups. I teach 3 Reading classes, and my intent is to have them working for the next several weeks in small groups–6 per class.

At first I went down a false trail–I began by setting up gmail/blogger identities for each group. Then, as I began to think through the implications of that, I realized that I wouldn’t really have ownership of those groups once I gave the passwords to the students–they’d be easily hijacked or accidentally messed up. So I realized that I had to be the owner of all 18 blogs and the students would come on as “authors” to their group’s blog.

The process is pretty quick and painless, though 18 times is a teeny weeny bit tedious.

Step 1: Create the new blog. Easy!
Step 2: Change the Layout/Template settings so that the “about me” is not showing
Step 3: Edit the HTML of the Template so that the “Next Blog” is removed (see previous post).

Now I’m really excited to see what these kids do with their shiny new blogs! My next step is to make some links in my READING CLASS BLOG that link to each of those group blogs. My hope is that a sense of competition will emerge as students compare their blogs to those of their peers working on the same projects.